Winter Fat Biking with Toddlers - 5 Pieces of Gear You Need

Winter Fat Biking with Toddlers - 5 Pieces of Gear You Need


Winter Fat Biking With Young Kids

Are you a bike obsessed parent? Do you already own a child mountain bike seat? Do you dread winter?

You might need to try leveling up your winter with some fat biking and taking your kids along for the ride.

In this article we will discuss the 5 MUST HAVES for successful fat biking rides with toddlers and young kiddos.

5 Pieces of Gear You Need

First and foremost you will need a fat bike and your favorite child mountain bike seat. But beyond that here is what I consider essential.

1. Kids Ride Shotgun Pogies

Winter Fat Biking in Snow with Toddlers Photo credit: @photosbykaitelise

Kids Ride Shotgun came out with these kid specific Pogies in late 2021 and it was an immediate game changer.

It’s no secret that winter fat biking is cold. Cold and toddlers or young kids don’t always mix well. Especially, when young kids don’t love wearing some of the warm winter layers like thick winter gloves. Prior to 2021 this was my biggest pain point in fat biking with my toddler on my bike (it was easier to fat bike with him in the ski trailer). But thanks to Kid Ride Shotgun, parents now have Kid Pogies to keep kids happier on cold bike rides.

These pogies attach directly to the parent’s handlebars or the kid’s handlebars (if you own the Kids Ride Shotgun handlebars).

Lauren Hronek fat biking with her toddler Photo credit: @photosbykaitelise

Kids then have a warm place for their hands and still have a secure grip as you both fat bike together.

If temps are freezing or below freezing (>32 F) then I make sure my toddler wears some thin fleece liners, for when he pulls his hands out. Other than that those pogies keep kid hands SO INCREDIBLY WARM.

Also remember that these pogies aren’t just for winter fat biking, but any cold weather riding you might do with your little on.

Check out the article I wrote for Kids Ride Shotgun with all my tips and tricks for fat biking with toddlers.

2. Kid Bike or Ski Helmet for Fat Biking?

Riding fat bikes in the winter with young kids Photo credit: @photosbykaitelise

In the winter parents may want to consider using their kid’s ski helmet for fat biking. Ski helmets are much warmer and still provide a snug, secure fit. Even some adult fat bikers prefer wearing their ski helmet to their bike helmet. We love our Giro Spur ski helmet for our toddler.

However, we often still use our child bike helmet - currently the Giro Tremor and then line with a beanie underneath. If you take this approach be sure your child still has a snug and secure fit, a beanie could impact a proper fit of a helmet.

3. Fleece Neck Gaiter

Dress toddlers for winter fat biking

This is another crucial piece of gear for winter fat biking with toddlers or young kids. Winter fat biking can get really cold. Especially if biking in head winds or as you descend. It’s often not pleasant as an adult, so imagine how a toddler might react.

If you have a fleece neck gaiter you can pull it up and over your toddlers nose and even face if cold enough. Get your toddler familiarized with this piece of gear so they are accustomed to its use.

4. Kid Ski Goggles

Toddler Fat Biking Gear

Don’t forget some eye protection as well. Eye protection from wind, cold and snow.

This is another valuable piece of gear often on descents or if biking in head winds. And remember that even just a little wind in the winter can be miserable because it is already so bitter cold. I throw my toddler’s ski goggles in my riding pack and get them out on the descent or if needed.

5. Hand & Toe Warmers

Winter Fat Biking with a 2 year old Photo credit: @photosbykaitelise

Here is just one more tool to keep the kids happy and warm. Keep some hand and toe warmers in your pack. I just about never leave the house on kid winter adventures without some hand and toe warmers.

I think it is also important to mention that picking some warm footwear is important. Don’t dress your toddler or kid in a pair of regular sneakers to winter fat bike, dress them in their winter boots. Their feet won’t be moving and will get cold on rides.

PRO TIP: As you drive to your fat biking trail put your toddler’s pogies and boots up on your car dash and blast them with heat. When you get to the trailhead your kid will start out with cozy warm hands and feet.

You can learn more about how I dress and layer my baby / toddler for winter adventures here.