Thule & Burley Ski Kit Reviews

Thule & Burley Ski Kit Reviews


Skiing with Kids with Thule or Burley Ski Kits

Are you familiar with multi-sport trailers? The all in one trailer. The piece of gear that parents often don’t realize they need until they already have a seperate bike trailer, stroller, jogger, etc.

Multi-sport trailers have a high price tag attached, but have so many different uses and provide endless opportunities for outdoor families.

A multi-sport kid’s trailer looks like a traditional child’s bike trailer, but can also be used as a stroller, a true jogger with a jogging wheeling attachment and a ski trailer with the ski kit attachment. You can learn more about multi-sport trailers here.

Thule Chariot Ski Kit Unpacking from car

Ski kit attachments or “ski trailers” have gained popularity over the past few years, but these ski kit attachments have been around for much longer.

It also may be worth noting that not any child’s bike trailer is a multi-sport trailer and may not be compatible with a ski kit. The most popular kid ski trailers here locally in the states come from Thule and Burley. But you can also find a ski kit for Qeridoo. and Hamax.

Quick Info: Price: Reviews:
Burley Ski Kit $249 Full Review
Thule Ski Kit $349 Full Review

Kid Ski Trailers & Ski Kits I’ve Tested

Through Two Wheeling Tots (an incredible kid gear review site) I was able to put different ski kits to the test with Burley and Thule trailers. This will be my 4th winter testing and using ski trailers with my kid.

Below you can see the evolution of ski trailers I have used and tested over the years:

Thule Chariot Cheetah Ski Kit

Thule Chariot Cheetah (2019 - 2020) I purchased this trailer and the ski kit before my son was born. This trailer was known for how lightweight it was. Thule no longer makes this model of trailer.

Thule Chariot Cross Double Ski Kit

Thule Chariot Cross Double (2020 - now) I also purchased this trailer and ski kit. I decided I wanted to upgrade our trailer in order to have more features like reclining seats, suspension, etc.

Burley D'Lite X Single Ski Kit

Burley D’Lite X Single (2021 - now) This trailer was given to me to review by Two Wheeling Tots. Below I have linked my full review and the differences between this ski kit.

Thule Chariot Cross Single Ski Kit

Thule Chariot Cross Single (2021 - now) This trailer was given to me to review by Two Wheeling Tots.

Thule Chariot & Burley Ski Kit Reviews

While overall these trailers and ski kits seem to be pretty similar I did find some differences. Find out more in my in-depth reviews.

Also a friendly reminder that often ski kits will be out of stock through the winter. Be sure to pick up your ski kit for your trailer well before winter hits! Burley Ski Kit & Thule Ski Kit.

We have loved having a ski trailer with our baby and now toddler. It has been an incredible way to get outside in the winter as a family. Buy this one piece of gear that can replace your stroller, your jogger & your bike trailer while gaining a 4th sport of skiing or even fat biking in the winter with your kids.

Investing in a kids multi-sport trailer + ski kit is expensive. There is no denying that. Overall, a Burley multi-sport trailer and ski kit is going to be more cost effective for families. But Thule Chariot trailers do come with more bells an whistles.

Another option is buying a used Burley or Thule Chariot trailer. But be careful to know that not all trailer models will be compatible with ski kits. If you have questions about compatibility feel free to contact me.

Using a Burley or Thule Chariot Ski Kit in the Winter

If you want further information on how I use my Burley or Thule Chariot Ski Kit n the winter, you can learn more from these articles:

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