Outdoor Maternity Gear for Winter Pregnancies - My Top Picks

Outdoor Maternity Gear for Winter Pregnancies - My Top Picks


This post focuses on Outdoor Maternity Clothing for Winter Adventures

Are you a newly pregnant mom wondering what maternity outdoor gear exists? What maternity clothing will help you stay active and adventourous through your pregnancy?

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to put all your adventures on hold. In fact, staying active and embracing outdoor adventures during pregnancy can be incredibly empowering, enriching, and beneficial for both you and your baby.

You can watch my Winter Outdoor Maternity Gear Videos below for a quicker recap on items discussed in this post:

Part 1 Instagram Video & Part 2 Instagram Video

What maternity outdoor gear do I need to buy for pregnancy?

As a pregnant adventure mom, I have tried to use existing clothing and gear as much as possible. But I do think it can be helpful to spend SOME money on maternity clothing and items for comfort and sanity.

Also, a reminder that many “maternity items” will be beneficial during postpartum. In my first pregnancy, I held off buying any maternity clothing but realized that postpartum still came with challenges in dressing my body. I still needed outdoor gear that fit my new body and made me feel good.

1. Maternity Ski / Snow Pants

Maternity Ski Pants or Bibs

Have you heared of the company Powder Pants? They are the only maternity ski or snow pants on the market! Just other like-minded adventourous women trying to support women and make adventures more accessible when pregnant!

I was able to test these maternity ski / snow pants in my third trimester of pregnancy. See my video here to see how these bibs fit me at 9 months pregnant!

They are designed with enough stretch to grow with your bump. They are an insulated pair of bibs vs. a shell like pair of bibs or pants.

They are also very reasonably priced for ski or snow pants and can last you into postpartum.

You can learn more about this company’s mission and story here.

2. What ski or snow pants to wear while pregnant? Try a Belly Band!

Maternity or Pregnancy Belly Band Uses

Here are some other solutions for maternity ski or snow pants.

I love using this belly band from Amazon to secure any of my technical pants that no longer fit.

I did this in my first pregnancy with my mountain bike shorts as no maternity bike shorts existed at that time. I also used this in my second pregnancy to secure my ski pants once they no longer fit my pregnant belly.

You leave your pants unzipped, but then secure your pants in place with this belly band. (You can see more in this video here)

This allowed me to ski in both my second and third trimesters.

I also use this pregnancy belly band to secure hiking pants, mountain bike shorts, etc.

Other solutions I have seen outdoor adventure moms utilize for skiing or winter adventures while pregnant is simply leaving bibs unzipped and letting their pregnant belly hang out. Or utilize a partner’s ski pants or bibs.

3. Maternity Ski Jackets - Try a Jacket Extender!

Maternity Ski Jackets

In effort to still utilize my pre-pregnancy ski jacket I decided to use the Make My Belly Fit Universal Jacket Extender.

Pregnancy Jacket Extender

This extender fits most zippers and worked with my ski and down / puffy jackets.

It comes with 2 different extension pieces. If you only need a few extra inches you can use the slimmer extension piece. (You can see how I used it in this video here.)

Add the additional extension later on in pregnancy. The additional extension piece is also designed to use in postpartum for baby wearing - to keep you and your baby warm.

4. Outdoor Maternity Fleece Jacket

Maternity Fleece Jacket

Wildelore makes an outdoor maternity fleece jacket that is designed for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. Hence the name of the jacket - All Phases Fleece.

This jacket has side zippers to accommodate your growing pregnancy belly. It also features a nursing friendly zipper for postpartum.

I was shocked to find how WARM this fleece was. I wore this fleece on several winter camping trips while pregnant.

You can see this jacket featured here in this video.

5. Outdoor Maternity Down or Puffy Jackets

Maternity Puffy Jackets

Consider using the Make My Belly Fit Universal Jacket Extender for technical jackets you already own.

However, here are some other solutions I utilized in pregnancy.

Maternity Puffy Jackets

Decathlon makes a more affordable down jacket that holds up well in comparison to some of my more expensive down jackets. It’s their Forclaz MT100 Puffer Jacket. For pregnancy I bought a size up in this jacket to accommodate my growing pregnant belly. I was able to wear this jacket up to 9 months pregnant.

The Free People Pippa Puffer. This jacket is not down, but a synthetic fill puffy. It doesn’t pack down as small as other puffies I own and it was a splurge. However, this jacket is very cute, stylish and has an oversized fit (perfect for pregnancy).

When I’m not pregnant I wear a size large in jackets, but I still sized down in this jacket to a medium even with the intention of wearing throughout my pregnancy. I was able to wear this puffer from my 1st trimester to the day I had my baby and of course I will continue to wear after.

You may also consider the knock off Pippa Puffer on Amazon. I don’t have any information or experience on sizing for the knock off.

6 Outdoor Maternity Base Layers

Maternity Base Layers Beyond Yoga makes maternity clothing for women that can be used as base layers, hiking tops and bottoms.

I do think every pregnant mom should get at least one pair of maternity leggings. It’s easy, comfortable and can be used as everyday wear or for a hike!

I purchased this pair of maternity leggings from Amazon.

But for my second pregnancy I utilized my Kari Traa Rose High Waisted bottoms (I did size up one size and they worked great with my pregnant belly) and also the matching top (my regular size, did not size up on the top). I made this set work my whole pregnancy. The bottoms are likely stretched out, but it was worth it to me to have some nice wool base layers especially as I winter backpacked, winter camped, skied, hiked and fat biked!

The Kari Traa Smekker top is also an awesome consideration for outdoor pregnant moms as it is a longer top and will give you awesome coverage with your pregnant belly! I wore my Smekker top as a base layer and just as a regular hiking top through my pregnancy.

7. Best Maternity Overalls

Wearing Overalls While Pregnant

I live and die by wearing overalls in pregnancy. If you follow my social accounts you will see me primarily wearing overalls.

The overalls I have loved in pregnancy are NOT maternity specific, but I made work throughout my pregnancy.

Carhartt Women’s Flex Loose Canvas Bib (I sized up for pregnancy. I wore up to 9 months pregnant.)

Carharrt Women’s Relaxed Fit Insulated Bib (I sized up for pregnancy, harder to fit with thicker layers underneath as I got more pregnant).

Cheap Pair of Amazon Overalls (I sized up for pregnancy. These are very lightweight, but so comfortable. I wore up to 9 months pregnant.)

Carve Designs Overalls (I wore my true size, but these overalls have a lot of stretch and give. I have likely stretched them out, but I wore up to 9 months pregnant and they were so comfortable.)

8. Outdoor Maternity Hiking Pants

What Hiking Pants to Wear When Pregnant

I did not utilize any maternity specific hiking pants with the exception of wearing my Amazon maternity leggings.

My other hiking pant solutions involved:

a. using my Amazon belly band to secure pants that could no longer zip up. You can learn more here in this video.

b. utilizing pants with stretchy fabrics and waistbands to fit my growing belly and sit under my bump comfortably. I have used these Kari Traa Signe pants in both pregnancies and postpartum.

9. Maeband Pant Extender Belt

Pregnancy Pants Extender

This pant extender by Maeband is genius. I did put this to use with my jeans or everyday casual wear.

This product does need pants with belt loops and unforunately this product wasn’t compatible with any of my technical hiking, bike or ski pants.