2023 Granola Girl Gift Guide

2023 Granola Girl Gift Guide


This gift guide is for the outdoor loving adventure girlies! See my top picks from technical gear to my favorite granola girl apparel.

REI is currently having their Black Friday Sale until November 20th!

Also don’t forget to check sites like REI’s Resupply Shop to get second hand prices.

Happy Shopping!

1. Garmin inReach Mini - $400 (ON SALE NOW $299)

Garmin inReach Mini Granola Girl Gift Guide

Starting out with an expensive item, BUT I think this is a really important safety device for any adventure girl hiking or camping out of range. This also might just give you the confidence to start traveling, camping, and backpacking solo as a woman!

You can message loved ones from your device when out of range. Easiest to operate from the Earth Mate app on your phone, but you can also message directly from the device. Your messages will automatically send location info to your loved one. You can contact search and rescue and communicate with search and rescue with the SOS button. You can check the weather (a feature I use a lot) and access other features through both the app and device.

You might be able to find this cheaper on Amazon or wait for some Christmas Sales through REI.

You can learn more in this video here.

2. Skida Brim Hat - $48

Skida Brim Hats Granola Girl Gift Guide

If you follow me on Instagram,then you know I am a big hat girly, specifically my five panel hats! You can’t get better than Skida hats. So many fun colors and designs for camping, ski touring, hiking or post bike / ski days!

3. REI Sahara Sun Hoodie - $50 (ON SALE NOW $35)

REI Sahara Sun Hoodie Granola Girl Gift Guide

Every outdoorsy girl needs a sun shirt. This is a staple for your adventure wardrobe. I LOVE THIS SUN HOODIE from REI. I own two colors. I love the scoop shape on the bottom. I have found this sun shirt to be much more flattering than other sun shirts with boxy fits.

This sun hoodie is not an ultralight sun hoodie, but I can still use in temps in low 80 F.

If looking for an ultralight sun hoodie try the Outdoor Research Echo Sun Hoodie (lightest sun hoodie on the market, my husband and I both own these) or the Mountain Hardwear Crater Lake Sun Hoodie.

4. National Park Tin Candles - $35

National Park Tin Candles Granola Girl Gift Guide

Have you experienced these candles? My favorite scents are the Hawaii Volcanoes and Grand Canyon. You can’t go wrong with a good granola girl candle!!

5. Katadyn BeFree Water Filer - $45

REI Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Granola Girl Gift Guide

A great lightweight water filter for day trips or overnighters. I prefer the Befree to the popular Sawyer Squeeze. I find it easier to use and clean. I also love all the different water bags the BeFree filter is compatible with.

6. Cosori Food Dehydrator - $160

Food Dehydrator Bag Granola Girl Gift Guide

Change the way you camp and backpack by dehydrating YOUR own food and meals. The possibilities are endless!

7. REI Junction Top Tube Bag - $30 (ON SALE NOW $20)

REI Top Tube Junction Bag Granola Girl Gift Guide

This is a great top tube bag for any biker chick in your life. It fits tools or phone / wallet.

8. Shady Rays Frontier Goggles - $140

Shady Rays Frontier Goggles Granola Girl Gift Guide

For all my ski and snowboard girlies! I love these Shady Ray Goggles. You can customize your full sun lens & low light lens as well as your frame and straps. I LOVE the champagne color I picked for my full sun lens last season (featured in the photo above).

9. Nemo Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad - $200 (ON SALE NOW $100)

Nemo Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad Granola Girl Gift Guide

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that the Nemo Tensor is my OVERALL favorite backpacking sleeping pad. You can learn more from a recent review video here.

This pad is currently a STEAL as Nemo prepares for its spring collection. This is the time to get this pad for yourself or the backpacking girl in your life.

10. Nemo Tensor Extreme Sleeping Pad (NEW) - $250

Nemo Tensor Extreme Sleeping Pad Granola Girl Gift Guide

The NEW Nemo Tensor Extreme. For just a couple more ounces of weight your backpacking sleeping pad goes from a 4.2 R-Value (above pad) to an 8.5 R-Value. It also maintains the same size as the Nemo Tensor above which is absolutely incredible.

This sleeping pad is for your backpacking girl who really wants to beef up her sleep-system and wants a pad to take on winter excursions.

You can learn more in my recent video here.

11. Puffy Slipper or Camp Shoes - $70

Puffy Slipper or Camp Shoes Granola Girl Gift Guide

Camp shoes or puffy slippers are a great gift for the outdoorsy girl in your life. I love how reasonably priced these North Face ThermoBall Booties are. These are going to be for colder temps. I love these for cozy winter hut trips, post skiing or just hanging out on chilly camp nights.

Also check out the Chaco Ramble Puff Slipper or the beloved Teva ReEmbers for an all season camp shoe.

12. NOCS Provisions Waterproof Binoculars - $95

NOCS Provisions Waterproof Binoculars Granola Girl Gift Guide

I’ve owned these binoculars for two years. They are a fun modern, colorful binocular for outdoorsy girls. They are lightweight, rugged, easy to pack and travel with! These have accompanied me on many backpacking trips.

13. Check out my Under $40 Gift Guide

Granola Girl Gifts Under $40

Looking for gifts under $40 for the granola girl in your life check out my gift guide here.

14. REI Hyperaxis Fleece Jacket - $149 (ON SALE NOW $100)

REI Hyperaxis Fleece Jacket Granola Girl Gift Guide

I loved having this fleece last fall and winter. A great technical mid-layer for fall / winter hikes, ski tours, days at the resort or around town.

15. REI Flexlite Air Chair - $100 (ON SALE NOW $70)

REI Flexlite Air Chair Granola Girl Gift Guide

I purchased this chair for backpacking as it only weighs 1 lb. But I found I also enjoy using this chair car camping. It’s so small, easy to pack and simple to set-up. A great all around chair.

16. REI Trail 5 Waist Pack - $50 (ON SALE NOW $35)

REI Trail 5 Waist Pack Granola Girl Gift Guide

This is an awesome waist pack for hiking, mountain biking or even around town (wear as a cross bag instead). I love the 2 water bottle pockets this pack features as well as the fit of this against your back.

17. Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow - $50 (ON SALE NOW $38)

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Granola Girl Gift Guide

My favorite backpacking pillow. It’s so small and compact. It only weighs 4 ounces. I find this pillow to be more comfortable than other pillows of similar weights.

18. Free People Pippa Puffer Granola Girl Gift Guide - $198

Free People Pippa Puffer

It honestly doesn’t get cuter than this Free People Puffer. I finally broke down and bought one for the upcoming winter season. It’s such a fun, stylish take on puffies. The jacket is surprisingly warm with its synthetic Prima Loft fill. It boasts to be packable, but for us girlies familiar with puffies this is a rather bulky puffy. But so cute and the color options are to die for.

19. Free People Hit The Hills Overalls - $168

Free People Hit The Hills Overalls Granola Girl Gift Guide

A good pair of overalls is a staple for outdoorsy girls. I bought these last year and FELL IN LOVE. I dare say I like these even more than the so loved fleece Free People overalls. These are a warmer overall and are best for shoulder seasons, winter, or nights camping.

20. Blundstone High-Top Boots - $220

Blundstone High-Top Boots Granola Girl Gift Guide

The one shoe you should buy this season!

These are worth every penny. If every fall / winter you are on the search for the perfect functional, but stylish boot then you just need to break down and buy these. They are your all in one boot and in my opinion just don’t go out of style (not for us granola girls anyways).

21. Outside Inside Backpack Cornhole Game - $35

Outside Inside Backpack Cornhole Game Granola Girl Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love playing cornhole when camping? This tiny cornhole weighs 1 lb 3.5 oz. Such a fun and unique gift.

22. Dirty Gourmet - Food For Your Outdoor Adventures - $25

Dirty Gourmet - Food For Your Outdoor Adventures Granola Girl Gift Guide

A cookbook to help you cook and eat better when in the most beautiful places!

23. POC Devour Sunglasses - $250

POC Devour Sunglasses Granola Girl Gift Guide

My favorite type 2 adventure sunglasses. These sunglasses are a hybrid between glasses and goggles. I wear through the mountain bike and through ski season / winter adventures.

24. Club Ride MTB Apparel - Bandara Shirt - $80

Club Ride Bandara Shirt Granola Girl Gift Guide

My absolute favorite mountain biking top - the Bandara Jersey from Club Ride Apparel. Club Ride has so many different patterns and colors. The fit is amazing for a mountain bike jersey. It’s comfortable, flattering, and breathable. I also wear my Bandara Jerseys hiking and camping!

Use Lauren20 for 20% off.

25. 52 QT Ultralight RTIC Cooler - $199

52 QT Ultralight RTIC Cooler Granola Girl Gift Guide

Are we even kidding with this color scheme? I mean wow. I am a big fan of RTIC coolers. We have this exact cooler. You get more bang for your buck with RTIC.

26. RTIC Soft Pack Cooler - $90

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler Granola Girl Gift Guide

Had to include the matching soft pack cooler as well!

27. Forme Power Sports Bra - $175

Forme Power Sports Bra Granola Girl Gift Guide

Forme is the best active sports bra I have owned. They are pricey, but wow they work. This bra was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to assist women in improving their posture. Forme helps transform your body alignment.

28. Gregory Juno 30 - $180

Gregory Juno 30 Granola Girl Gift Guide

I love Gregory products! They are my go to for hiking day packs and backpacking packs. I love my Juno 30.

29. GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle - $35

GSI Outdoors Tea Kettle Granola Girl Gift Guide

An awesome camp accessory for quickly boiling water. Pairs great with the GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug.

30. Stetson Cumberland Straw Hat - $85

Stetson Cumberland Straw Hat Granola Girl Gift Guide

If you have been looking for a nice wide-brim, straw hat then look no further. This Stetson hat will add a vibe to any of your granola girl outfits.

31. REI Magma Down Hoodie - $250 (ON SALE NOW $174)

REI Magma Down Hoodie - Womens Granola Girl Gift Guide

My favorite technical down puffy. It weighs 10.6 ounces and has 850-fill-power goose down. It has held up on so many backcountry trips and kept me incredibly warm. It also has a more flattering fit than other puffies I have owned in the past.

32. Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket - $125

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket Granola Girl Gift Guide

I love our Rumpl blankets. Such a great camping and adventure staple. Every granola girl would appreciate this gift.

33. TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon - $11

TOAKS Long Handle Spoon Granola Girl Gift Guide

Long-handle spoons are a game changer for eating your dehydrated or freeze-dried meals when camping or backpacking. Only weighs .7 ounces.

34. Black Diamond Moji Lantern - $25

Black Diamon Moji Lantern Granola Girl Gift Guide

We love these pocket size lanterns from Black Diamond. Put it on your table or hang it from your tent. For $5 more you can get the Moji Lantern that is magnetic, which personally we love. Check it out here.

35. Anker 20.1k Portable Charger - $50

Anker Portable Charger Granola Girl Gift Guide

This is my favorite portable charger. I use for both backpacking and camping. After years of use I consistently get 4 - 5 full charges. I also love that I can charge my phone and plug in my camping lights at the same time. It only weighs 12.5 ounces.

I like this portable charger better than many portable charges that outdoor specific companies make.

36. REI Pack In Pack Out Pouches - $25 (ON SALE NOW $17)

Pack In Pack Out Bags Granola Girl Gift Guide

Every backpacker, camper and hiker can appreciate small gear bags to organize gear. I love that this set features a roll top, cinch closure and zipper bag.

37. REI Packing Cubes - $45 (ON SALE NOW $31)

REI Packing Cubes Granola Girl Gift Guide

While packing cubes aren’t completely necessary they sure make your life easier when packing! This is a great gift item as often we might not purchase this for ourselves. You can check out this other set of packing cubes by REI here.

38. Mountain Hardwear Summit Grid Dress - $99 (ON SALE $74)

Mountain Hardwear Summit Grid Dress Granola Girl Gift Guide

A dress that can be worn hiking, camping, with leggings for winter or out on the town. It has strong granola girl vibes with its grid fabric!

39. Peak Design Camera Clip - $75

Camera Clip Granola Girl Gift Guide

This accessory allows you to easily carry your nice camera on your hiking or backpacking pack.

40. Insta360 X3 Action Camera - $450

Insta360 Girl Gift Guide

If you have the budget this product is AMAZING. I can’t sing it enough praises. It’s amazing for action sports, travel and getting content by yourself. I have loved this action sports camera WAY MORE than my GoPros in the past. If you purchase this camera, you NEED the invisible selfie stick accessory below.

41. Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick- $25

Insta360 Girl Gift Guide

The invisible selfie stick is what makes the Insta360 so much fun to use!

42. Backpacking Tents - Big Agnes - $450+

Backpacking Tents Granola Girl Gift Guide

Big Agnes makes some of my all time favorite backpacking tents. You can’t go wrong with either of these tents for backpacking. If you want something a little lighter go with the Tiger Wall (semi-free standing) If you want something with higher bath tub floors and a little more space in the tent then I would go with the Copper Spur (free standing)!

43. Ultralight Backpacking tent - Double Rainbow by Tarptent - $319

Backpacking Tents Granola Girl Gift Guide

If you are looking for a backpacking tent without such a high price point I would look no further than Tarptent. One of the backpacking ultralight tent kings! The Double Rainbow is a great semi-free standing backpacking tent that WEIGHS EVEN LESS than the two Big Agnes tents featured above.

44. Wool Hiking Socks - $25

Wool Hiking Socks Granola Girl Gift Guide

You can’t ever go wrong with gifting someone a pair of wool socks! I love these Darn Tough’s socks for every adventure.

45. Free People Sports Scrunchie - $8

Free People Scrunchie Granola Girl Gift Guide

The perfect scrunchie for all the granola girls out there!

46. Smartwool Puffy Skirt- $110 (ON SALE NOW $82)

Puffy Skirt Granola Girl Gift Guide

This stretchy puffy skirt is the perfect winter apparel piece whether for nordic skiing, hiking or just wearing out on the town. Gives you that extra warmth over your leggings! It also has pockets!

47. You are on Native Land Beanie - $35

Beanie Granola Girl Gift Guide

A cute beanie, but an even better message! This hat subtly educates and sparks important conversations. I own this hat and love it!

49. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack - $60 (ON SALE NOW $41.73)

Dry Sack Granola Girl Gift Guide

Sea to Summit does it best when it comes to dry sacks or bags. This set of 3 dry sacks help keep your gear dry and organized no matter what kind of adventure you are going on!

50. Camp Dreamer Double Self-Inflating Mattress - $279 (ON SALE NOW $195)

Camping Mattress Granola Girl Gift Guide

This is an awesome car camping mattress. This has been our go to mattress the past 5 years. We used in our cars or car camping tents!

51. Free People Hot Shot Tee Onesie - $70

Free People Hot Shot Onesie Granola Girl Gift Guide

Have you seen the Free People Hot Shot Onesie, but the Tee addition? What an awesome granola girl outfit to wear out camping, after a day of skiing or around town!

52. Luno Magnetic Gear & Shoe Bag - $50

Luno Gear and Storage Bag Granola Girl Gift Guide

Use LunoLauren15 for $15 off on your first order.

These gear and storage bags from Luno are some of there most popular products. It’s a water resistant pouch that magnetically attaches to the side of your venichle when car camping.